Corral is Coming

Corral is Coming

At FirstApp we develop enterprise Apps and tools centered around the mobile industry because we believe that mobile computing is the future of computing. Forget phones, that’s just a function of our mobile computers. Over the last couple of decades computing has transformed from the heavy realm of business and enthusiasts to become a central tool for almost everyone. The drivers for this have been economical (technology price drops) and social, but there’s an additional factor. Our computers provide us with frictionless convenient services such as online banking and e-commerce. They key thing here is that our computers serve us in some fashion and as a result software products have evolved to engage users in on-going services in a bid to retain interest and generate more revenue. The emergence of the web app and the various app stores support this model providing easy updates and purchasing mechanisms. Even traditional boxed software providers have created versions of their products that are paid for incrementally as used – Microsoft’s online office offering for example.

Any developer that creates these software services, be they enterprise Apps, games or tools, will find themselves with the question: How do I improve the service I provide to my users? The answer is that they need feedback in order to measure adoption, engagement and conversion. Feedback that is of a quantitative nature and comes directly from the use of the service or product.

To satisfy that itch I’m pleased to announce that we have been developing a flagship product called ‘Corral’. Corral is a state-of-the-art cross platform tool for automatically measuring and aggregating user activity in your App or service. Data that you can act on. Our aim is to deliver a tool that provides a developer, or publisher, with the intelligence they need to make their App successful. The system is very simple to integrate and use. It provides a powerful way of exposing user behaviour in easy to read charts whilst also providing flexible segmentation for extra insight. Amongst the killer features are the integration of configuration management, so that App properties can be adjusted in real-time without App re-submission, and the support for financial transactions that, when overlaid with behavioural data, reveal trends in purchasing.  Another really important feature is that our data collection and reporting is live.  As soon as the data is captured and sent to our servers it is reportable – no waiting hours (sometimes up to 24 hours!) for a post-processing run.

As a company we also offer consultancy and advice regarding how your App or software product would benefit from incorporating a metric driven approach.

Corral is currently at Alpha pre-release and we’re looking for early partners that would either be interested in our affiliate scheme for business development or would like to use the system for improving the performance of their App.

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