Rise of the App

Rise of the App

While the 90’s saw the birth and popularisation of the World Wide Web, the 2000’s have seen the birth and rise of an additional, yet equally powerful, information end-point.  I’m talking about the emergence and rise of the App of course.  It’s taken a while, but the continual and relentless advancement of technology, along with the remit of putting the new possibilities it provides into the hands of everyday consumers, has given way to a new era of the information age.

Devices that are continually connected to the Internet, have geo-location capabilities and access to a vast array of services, are now in the hands of everyday people.  For businesses this is significant.  While the web page provided a front-facing representation of your business and the ability to sell goods and services online, a smart-phone App provides the ability to maintain a connection with a customer on a virtually omnipresent portable device that people generally carry with them most of the time.  When a customer installs your App they are opening a direct channel of communication with you that persists wherever they go.  This channel is far more immediate and dynamic that conventional web pages and email lists.  The possibilities are endless.  Apps can incorporate loyalty schemes, digital voucher codes, special offer notifications, achievement awards, competitions, appointment systems and a whole host of other schemes that provide functional value for customers and, as a result, increase engagement and retention.

At no other point in history has there been so much opportunity for businesses to connect so directly with customers and in turn to measure their own quality of service in a way that helps direct them towards continual improvement.

The Japanese have a name for it: Kaizen, which roughly translates as “improvement” or “change for the better”.  It’s a devastatingly simple philosophy, yet it’s one that has the capability to radically improve any business that adopts it.  Because of this, our App solutions all include configuration and analytic data services.

Not only can the content of a released App be modified online, with the changes reflected to clients instantly, but you can also see up-to the minute engagement and retention metrics.  We believe that the combination of high quality client App production, data services and analytics will herald in the next generation of Apps.