The Future is Mobile

The Future is Mobile

Some interesting facts: there are over 200 million activated Android devices, and everyday more than 550,000 new devices are activated in over 137 countries and regions.  Each day around 170,000 iPhones are sold worldwide.  But both the iPhone and the latest Android devices are more than phones. They’re powerful mobile computers that just happen to support voice communication.  I’d even go as far to say that I think that the phone functionality of these smart devices does not represent their primary usage patterns. These devices have a panoply of communication and information capabilities which range from tweeting and social networking to reading reviews of geographically local restaurants.

The smartphone (or smartdevice – if you want to include tablets) market is set for sustained significant growth over the coming years.  Take a look at the chart.  As you can see, the non-smart device part of the US install base is still the vast majority.

Interestingly, whilst iPhone as a single device platform is holding its own, you can see the emerging trajectory of Android as most smartphones manufactured now come with Google’s mobile OS.  You can extrapolate from this graph that Android is set to consume the lion’s share of this blue ocean.

The upshot of this is that powerful, connected and mobile computing is going to find its way into the hands of most people – and soon.  A lot of software that at this point only lives on PC’s or Mac’s will migrate to these devices – particularly tablet devices – based purely on their ‘always connected’ state and, significantly, the convenience of access.  And once Apps become available on TV’s this movement is going accelerate even more.

For us at FirstApp this is an exciting time.  We’re developing software and systems for mobile devices that empower businesses by taking advantage of push communication and data capture capabilities.  As this booming market grows we’re aiming to grow with it.

The future isn’t necessarily Orange, but it certainly is mobile.